About: Who is Roderick Earl Hoffman?

Roderick Earl Hoffman is a Custom Engraving Artist and Poet from Kansas who has a heart for helping others “Find, Grow, Conquer and Replicate”© their God given gifts and talents.   “THINK, PRAY, PLAN, FOCUS, ACT, ACHIEVE” –© by Roderick Earl Hoffmanadd another page.


3 responses to “About: Who is Roderick Earl Hoffman?

  1. Rubyforestecho

    Hi Roderick: Glad to see your blog up and running.
    I need to get posting, as I have had mine up for way too long with nothing going on. It’s all a matter of time management and setting aside a specific amount each day to write. Sounds easy, but not so easy to do!

    • rubyforestecho,
      You are so right! Time management is something all of us struggle with in this life. I hope to keep up with posting something inspirational and encouraging on a timely basis. As Nike says: JUST DO IT!!! Easier said than done, but we CAN DO IT!!!


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